2022-01-10 14:40:26

E5 first production products are reday!

Press letter---E5 new product launch and media test conference was held on 5th July 2021in Wuxi China. Ecooter key suppliers,dealerrepresentatives, potential partners and top medias attended this event to

test and experience Ecooter E5.

E5 has been high focus with its excellent performance since three months ago in Tianjin. E5 top speed is 103km/h and range can reach 200km with two paralleled batteries 64V42Ah.

From the first look,  E5 appearance is very simplified desgin and full of moderntechnologysense. The appearance of the vehicle does not have too much desgin language. Just simple paralleled lines across the vehicle body and largescaleregular plastic, this can see a high concentrated technical work. The accuracyand tolerance of injection molding parts are very high.

E5 equipped with keyless start system, special APP phone connected, 6.8inch IPS large dashboard, tire monitoring system, full vehicel LED, aluminum rear fork, standard dual channel ABS etc-At the similar level models,  E5 features is incomparable.

During the teat driving period , the strong performance impressed everyone completely. Four driving modes can be selected, including sport, range , city, and speed. The sport and speed mode are the two strongest modes,  and the city and range is to increase range km thrulimiting the speed. E5 electric throttle is very sensitive. The 8kw power and 260Nm strong toraque will bring you enough pulling feel. And can make a top speed more than 100km/h.

"After a simple test driving, what impress me the most was  its on-call power, unlike the fuel vehicle, which had a rotate speed rise delay,  it allowed maximum troque to erupt once electricthrottle on. This insstant on-call feeling is without delay and any drag deeling. Even the 600CC class of domestic made vehicles can not reach." Said by one professional driver.

With traditional motorcycle strength background, E5 driving experience is above the same level high end engine vehicles.

Later in the evening, we had a welcome dinner party, Ecooter president Mr Wang introduced the Ecooter RD and position globally.

From E1S,  E1R to E2,  E2max, and now to E5,  it is  gradually systematically fromed. Compared with E1 and E2, E5 is  not simply product upgrade, but to meet the high-end demand with a comprehensive improvement

Besides the hardware innovation, smart system is completely car level. To satisfy high end requirement for users, we designed E5 and this design is not existed in the market. And we make it more faster, more further, and better user friendly smart communication system than same price level other products.


The first batch E5 products launched really excited many users who have been waiting E5 for long. Grest features and strong performance will bring the industry and uesrs an ultimate experience. 

Ecooter Marketing team

July 8, 2021