Top speed 103km/h, range 200km, new E5 released!

2022-02-20 08:24:06


Press letter --- Ecooter E5 officially launched on 26th March 2021 in Tianjin Meijiang International Exhibition center in China. The E5 launch was a great focus in both domestic and overseas. All top medias and journalists gave reports on E5 high performance and great features. Online watch and media reports were tightly united. Especially many Europe guests  watched at their late night as we have seen in the live broadcast data.

Ecooter president Mr Wang firstly recalled the Ecooter development history. Ecooter purses high end smart electric scooter trend since E1 launched in 2017. With its great performance, E1 has distributed in 32 countries globally. Till now, E1 still leads the market with high performance. In Cologne 2018, ECOOTER brought higher end E2 product. Matched with large battery capacity dual paralleled lithium battery system Auto-BPS,leads "the dual battery era". Customers can choose different battery combination based on requirement to realize a max 200km+ range and stronger power storage.

In 530 days, ECOOTER has again promoted self developed eletric vehicle to a industry leading level. E5 launch is an approval for gradually accumulated and well established high standard. E5 represents a new desgim concept for a new smart travel life.

Compared with previous products, E5 has achieved many breakthroughs on appearance, smart system, and power system. It is a perfect combination of driving fun and comfort. Let's share more details below:

Different from most of the electric motorcycles in the market, the design of E5 has very obvious identity and technology view. The advanced streamlined design represents a future sense view. Completely different  from the market models.

Motor is the key part that you concerned the most. E5 featured with Ecooter 5th generation center motor system. Max power can reach 8kw(around 10.9ps), similar level to 150cc motorcycle power. Max range can be above 200km at speed 30kn/h test drive. E5 has two versions and there are differences on performance. High performance max output is 8kw and max torque on wheel is 260N.m. Standard version max power output is 5kw and max torque on wheel is 195N.m.

Centre motor advantage comparted to traditional on wheel is that it can better distribute vehicle gravity. And at the same time matched with aliminum forged rear shock arm to lower the quality under the spring and to improve vehicle flexibility and operation. E5 also provides chain and gear two stages transmission for less power consumption and a more direct output.

In terms of the breaking system, E5 configuration adopted is far beyond many fuel scooters, Front and rear dual si not common, plus front brake equipped with radial to calipers, spec is equivalent to 250cc above fuel motorcycle, these are amazing spec. And featured with dual channel  ABS, it is very advanced configuration.

E5 featured with front 14inch and rear 13inch wheel, tire width also reach front 110mm and rear 130mm. Believe it will help a lot on driving stability. Industry leading cage frame structure is used and it is different from level other vehicles. This frame design and materials used is exclusive in the industry.

Ecooter originally developed and built the paralleled batteries system.   E5 max battery capacity can reach 5.4kWh. Both E5 two versions featured with two batteries pack. High performance version can fit with dual 6442 batteries with range more than200km. And standard version can fit with dual 6430 batteries with range more than 150km. Fast charging technology is adopted. Single battery can be charged to 95% within 2 hours.

Smart system -- realized real user friendly communication Smart system is another key innovation focus. E5 adopted full day operation platform. It is very user friendly to communicate with scooter with shuttle knob+physical key.

So you can now put down your mobile phone and directly communicate with scooter. E5 is also keyless start with car level PKE sensor.  

E5 equipped with special upgraded 4G network APP and smart end. New functions on APP are available for battery OTA function, battery charging times, battery consumption and battery health etc to be real time monitored.Key features above and below selling points on E5:

·    ABS braking system

·    Dual channel ABS anti lock system

·    Aluminum forged rear shock arm

·    Front and rear hydraulic system

·    300kg loading weight and more than 3million times more than limited vibration test frame

·    Front 14inch and rear 13inch wheel

·    7inch size IPS LED dashboard

·    LED lighting system, car level thick photo-conductive layer

·    Large power fast charging USB charging port

·    Large space for two helmets space after two batteries fitted 

E5 does have the advantage for its price.E5 order reservation available now! Mass production will be in June 2021. More details please kindly contact your sales managers at Ecooter.

Ecooter Marketing team 
March 31, 2021